Friday, April 23, 2010

Ester festival in Oostvoorne

First I think why many people and big truck around my place...
Next day morning they are waiting something,I don't know exactly too..what happen?
shop in front of my place
oh....coming....OMG...that is..I have to go down stair..

That all..
..police style...
ok ..we visit into play ground..
for children

he is checking what is in side?
only have 2 shops for food
in front of play ground has Beer station..
so,beer beer...

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  1. မမီးေရ..ဓါတ္ပံုေတြလာၾကည့္သြားတယ္ေနာ္။ ျမန္မာလိုကေတာ့ ျဖည္းျဖည္းခ်င္းရိုက္က်င့္ရင္း ျမန္သြားမွာပါ။